Getting A Massage? Also Get A Body Contouring Wrap While You Are There

When you visit a massage therapist there are different types of massages available to help you feel relaxed. Another treatment that may be offered is the body contouring wrap. Below is information on what this is, as well as how it can benefit you.  

Body Contouring Wrap

You will also hear a body wrap referred to as a body mask. During the treatment, you are wrapped in cotton with a plastic film or mylar bandages. It is not painful, and results are seen quickly when the treatment is finished. You can go right back to work or back to your daily routine when the treatment is finished. The materials are generally covered with a variety of herbal ingredients before being wrapped around your body. 

There are also other types of body wraps available, such as heat wraps. With this wrap, a heated cream is rubbed onto your skin and then your body is wrapped in a plastic film. There are also slimming body wraps that use herbal ingredients in a lotion.  

Body Contouring Wrap Benefits

One of the main benefits of body contouring body wraps is that they can help you lose weight. The ingredients used make you sweat to release toxins and water from your body. This also tightens and contours your skin. You may be able to fit into clothing that was a little too small for you. You should know this is not a permanent solution but if you use this along with diet and exercise you should have a beautiful toned and contoured body quicker.

Body contouring wraps can also help with detoxification. With this type of wrap things like clay, mud, seaweed, or algae are used along with the wrap. These things help your body release toxins from your skin. This can help you have younger-looking skin because it increases skin cell stimulation. You may have cellulite that will look much better after this treatment.  

A body wrap can also help remove dead skin cells from your body. It allows exfoliation, which will cause you to shed dead skin. If you get a body wrap over your entire body, you will notice your skin will glow and look much healthier. 

There are many wraps that also include moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients will hydrate your skin. This is important as hydrated skin is much healthier. 

Talk to the massage therapist that you visit to learn more about body contouring wraps