Top 4 Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage

When you think of massage, what exactly comes to your mind? For many people, it's the picture of them lying on a bed while a therapist applies essential oils on their body and kneads their tight muscles. 

However, Thai yoga massage is different. First, this massage is performed while you're fully clothed. And instead of kneading your muscles, your massage therapist employs different techniques like acupressure, stretching, thumbing, palming, and gentle twisting. Here are the top four benefits of Thai yoga massage

Eases Muscular Stress and Tension

Through techniques like compression, lengthening, and shortening of muscles, Thai yoga massage removes the tension in your body and helps you relax. As the therapist is stretching your body, they'll ensure you have good posture and alignment, so all your muscles can move in the proper direction. 

If you have had an injury that restricts your body movements, this massage will also come in handy. Your therapist will gently twist and stretch the areas in pain to allow proper blood circulation and free body movement. This allows you to recover faster. 

Boosts Energy

Thai yoga massage enhances mental and energy stimulation. This is because the technique is founded on Sen or energy lines. The proponents of this massage believe the body has multiple Sen or energy channels. 

Additionally, Sen corresponds to other subtle channels in bones, blood, nerves, and muscles, all of which directly impact your energy levels. For example, tight muscles often cause blockages that restrict energy flow, causing you to experience stiffness and pain. Thai massage stretches and relaxes tight muscles, allowing the free flow of energy. 

Relieves Headaches

If you have been experiencing frequent migraines or tension headaches, it may be time to try Thai yoga massage. For some people, this massage therapy could be more effective at relieving headaches than most pharmaceutical remedies. Most of these remedies only provide temporary relief of pain, while the effects of Thai yoga massage can last longer. 

Stimulates Circulation

The gentle stretches in Thai yoga massage can promote good circulation of blood and lymph throughout your body. When this happens, your body tissues are filled with oxygen, promoting heart health and cell growth. As a result, people who undergo this massage often have improved immunity levels. 

Also, Thai foot massage is particularly essential to people with peripheral neuropathy. This is a common complication for diabetic individuals. Through improved blood circulation, the somatosensory system is stimulated, allowing them to have better balance.