What You Should Know About Deep Tissue Massage

If you are new to getting massages, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options and different types of massages available to you. There are numerous methods to massage, and each has its unique benefits and goals in treatment. One of the most popular options available is a deep tissue massage. However, if you have never had such a massage before, it is a good idea to know some of the facts about them before you schedule your first massage appointment. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the right type of massage for your needs and wants. 

Deep Tissue Massages Are Intense

The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about getting a massage is that deep tissue massages can be intense. While the end result of such a massage can be relaxation and calm, you might not feel that during the massage itself. 

A deep tissue massage is a way to get down deep into the muscles and fascia in the back, neck, and shoulders. It is designed to release deep tensions in the muscles and to help get rid of stubborn muscle knots. 

As such, the massage process can be quite intense and even uncomfortable. However, that discomfort will be well worth it when in a day or two your muscles will feel more relaxed and comfortable than they have in a long time. 

If you are looking for a massage that will just relax you and almost put you to sleep on the spot, you should opt for something like a Swedish massage instead. But if you are looking to make a major difference in some deeply rooted tension and discomfort, a deep tissue massage may be for you. 

Deep Tissue Massages Are Not For Everyone

Before you go ahead and schedule your first deep tissue massage, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. If you are prone to blood clots, for example, this type of massage may not be safe for you. The massage could actually release or dislodge blood clots that can be life-threatening. 

If you have any underlying conditions or health concerns, always talk to a doctor before engaging in massages of any kind, and especially an option as intense as deep tissue massage. That way, you can be sure you are choosing the massage option that is best for your health. 

Most people are perfectly safe getting a deep tissue massage, but it always better to be safe than sorry. 

Now that you know more about deep tissue massage, you can be sure to talk to your doctor and then schedule your first appointment as soon as possible.