How A Couples Massage Works

A couples massage is a romantic activity where both partners receive a massage at the same time from two separate massage therapists. It is more relaxing than a lot of more common date-night options and allows you to spend time together rather than in separate rooms receiving separate massages. Sharing an enjoyable experience like this will also create great memories for your relationship.

Why Couples Massages?

Massages come with health benefits and are a great way to relax. However, many adults are afraid to receive a massage. A couples massage is a great way to overcome these nerves by having someone who you trust with you. After having the first massage, many partners feel hooked. You likely know your partner better than the massage parlor, so you will know whether he or she would like the surprise, or if they would rather be eased into the experience of receiving a massage.

Planning The Massage

Make sure to plan the details of the massage together. For example, if one of you doesn't like aromatherapy, it is important to make sure that this is not incorporated into the massage. Also, by planning out the massage, you will both be more prepared. Couples massages come with nice extras, such as champagne, so that the couple can feel more in the mood. Decide what types of oils, creams, and lotions you would like to have used, and spend time researching the effects of each. Specialty treatments will leave both of you feeling more rejuvenated. Candles, dimmed lights, and relaxing music are common features of couples massages designed to get both of you in the right state of mind.

Both sessions are designed to end at the same time. The massage therapists will signal that the session is over and will leave the room. After you have both gotten dressed, the therapists will return with water and will have a Q&A session. The goal of the therapists is to determine if your goals for the session were met. 

After The Massage

If you need alone time after the massage, there are some spas that come with private suites with showers that allow you to have alone time for however long you have booked the suite. These options are more expensive. Also, expect to pay more for the spa setting itself. However, the experience might be so memorable that you may find it to be money well spent.

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