Body Care After Hair Removal Treatments: Tips for Less Discomfort & Extended Results

If you have recently had hair removed from your legs, arms, chest or back, you may feel some discomfort for a few hours to a few days. You do not have to have that much discomfort in your pursuit of beauty or an aesthetically pleasing, hair-free body. Here are some post-hair removal tips that not only provide greater comfort after you hair removal treatments, but also help extend the effects of your treatments.

Massage with Calendula Oil

Right after you have had a hair removal treatment, request a massage with calendula oil. This herbal oil is a known anti-inflammatory, and when massaged into your newly hairless skin, it quiets any redness and inflammation. This is an especially nice post-treatment massage for anyone with really sensitive skin. The smell of the calendula oil is also very soothing, since it reminds you of relaxing spa experiences. Additionally, the oil will smoothe and soften dry skin, which is often aggravated during the hair removal process.

Exfoliate with Salt Scrubs

After a few days, exfoliate the hairless areas. A good product to use is salt scrub. The salt scrub will remove the top thin layer of dead skin cells and any hair that has started to poke through the skin will be softened. These new hairs are ones that did not exist during your hair removal treatment, so it helps to soften them as they emerge from their shafts. Softer, downier hairs are less noticeable, making your treatment appear as though it has lasted much longer than expected.

Take an Anti-Inflammatory Medication Too

While the massage with calendula oil calms your skin at the surface, an anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter medication can help from within. The pills quiet the nerves and the roots where the former hairs once dwelt, making the combination of pill, oil and massage a pain-relieving delight. Whatever non-aspirin medication you currently take for headaches and body aches is sufficient for post-hair removal consumption.

Tweeze Individual Dark Hairs

While most of the hair that grows in after one or two hair removal treatments will be lighter and softer than what you are used to, there may be a few stray hairs that grow in dark or coarse. If it is going to be a while until your next treatment, you can tweeze these hairs yourself. Apply a moist heat pack first (or do this right out of the shower), then grasp the hair at the base and pull. The moist heat gets the pores to open up and the hair is released from its root faster and more easily than if you tried to do it without the moist heat. After you have tweezed each dark/coarse hair, apply an ice pack to quickly reseal the pores and stop the body's reaction.