Experience The Health Benefits Of Okazaki Restorative Massage

Massage therapy has dozens of styles, known as modalities. Therapists typically are able to offer several kinds of massage in addition to the forms people probably most commonly think of. Swedish massage, which involves stroking and kneading to provide both relaxing and energizing effects. The kneading of muscles in deep-tissue massage relieves tightness and knots. A lesser-known modality you might find intriguing is called Okazaki restorative massage, which originated in Japan.


Okazaki restorative massage is part of an entire integrated system of Japanese and other forms of martial arts and restorative healing techniques developed by Henry Seishiro Okazaki in the late 1920s. This man credited his diligent training in various martial arts in helping him recover from tuberculosis.

The integrated system includes Chinese and Hawaiian elements as well as Japanese components. It can be particularly appealing to individuals who have participated in the martial arts and would like to expand their knowledge and experience in this realm. However, anyone who wants to experience the beneficial effects offered by this massage modality can do so. 


The most common forms of massage primarily involve use of the therapist's hands to achieve beneficial effects. In Okazaki restorative massage, the therapist mainly uses the forearm and elbow. It's a bit similar to acupressure, as the therapist focuses on specific pressure points. Instead of applying deep pressure with the fingers and hands, however, the therapist uses their elbow point. The forearm does the kneading, rubbing and stroking. 


As with acupuncture and acupressure, Okazaki restorative massage is intended to enhance the movement of life energy by clearing energy blockages. Although this can sound like an intangible benefit, it is designed to have practical results. These results include:

  • relieving stress
  • reducing fatigue
  • stimulating the mind
  • energizing the body
  • boosting circulation
  • relieving chronic pain
  • helping the body release and eliminate toxins
  • recovering from serious illness

A person with a serious health condition might include Okazaki restorative massage as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes conventional Western medicine and complementary therapy.

What You Can Do Now

Seek out a practitioner who offers Okazaki restorative massage like Stephen Parish Massage, if you believe it will help you achieve the benefits you want from massage therapy. Avoid eating for two hours before your appointments, and drink plenty of water afterward to flush toxins that your massage has helped to release. Look forward to feeling energized and healthier after your sessions.