4 Reasons To Receive Regular Massages

Massages are often something people associate with a luxury trip to a spa, which is definitely something many people don't often do regularly. Massages don't have to be considered a luxury, but instead should be thought of as something that helps benefit your overall health. The only way this can happen is if you are receiving regular massages. A basic massage package isn't very costly and is well worth it to provide you with multiple health benefits. [Read More]

Back Pain After Deadlifting? Try These 3 Massage Techniques

A deadlift is one of the most important lifts because it works so many muscles. It's considered one of the "big three," along with the squat and the bench press. It works out everything from your glutes and hamstrings, to rhomboids, lats and even your oblique muscles. However, it can be a stressful lift and give you back pain following a workout. Once you have made sure your lifting form is correct (by consulting a personal trainer) and can rule out bad form as a cause of pain, it's time to seek out massage. [Read More]

Timing Is Everything: How Often You Should Receive Massage Therapy Sessions

While some massage therapy is better than none, if you want to maximize the benefits you reap from your massage therapy sessions, timing is essential. The frequency at which you receive massage therapy sessions and how soon after strenuous physical activity you receive massage therapy services can impact how much you recover from an injury and how great you feel. Massage Therapy Length The length of the massage therapy session is essential. [Read More]