When you go to foot&thai “toxins” are massaged out of your muscles. Saunas compliment massage as these toxins are then sweated out. The saunas are traditional hot rock style. The customer adds small amounts of water on the hot rocks to achieve the desired temperature and humidity.

Separate female and male saunas/showers are provided complimentary with all 1 hour (or greater) sessions. Toiletries are also provided. Patrons can bring their own towel/s or use foot&thai towels at the following cost:
  • Bath Towel $2.00
  • King Size Towel $3.00
Please do not bring aroma oils to the saunas for burning. This can cause irritations for other patrons. Saunas and showers operate from 10am to 9pm. If your massage finishes after 9pm and you wish to use the sauna and shower facility, we suggest you come in before your massage to avoid disappointment.
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