A Therapeutic Approach To Treat Tense, Sore Muscles

A deep tissue massage involves using pressure to break down rigid areas that surround the muscles. Tense, sore muscles often result after prolonged standing or sitting and can affect one's posture or limit mobility. If you think that you could benefit from receiving a massage, prepare for your initial session by learning what you can expect and by acquiring some aids that will make your session pleasing.

A Warm Up Session Is Often Administered

Because pressure will be applied to various body parts during your massage, it is not advisable to receive a deep tissue massage if you are suffering from osteoporosis or if you have injured a body part and are following medical guidelines during the healing process.

A massage therapist often uses sweeping motions which include using the knuckles, thumbs, or elbows to lightly apply pressure to various parts of the body. These movements are designed to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the stronger and deeper techniques that will be used during the latter part of a massage. As your muscles respond to the movements, you will typically begin to feel relaxed and calm.

The massage technician will focus on the body parts that are stiff and that have been giving you trouble on a daily basis. You should verbalize if you experience any pain during the session. Since many different movements are used to perform a deep tissue massage, your technician will be able to change the rhythm or movement that is used to accommodate your needs and avoid causing discomfort.

Comfortable Clothing, A Face Mask, And Music May Help

You will likely be fully or partially clothed during your massage. Wear loose garments that will not bind any of your body parts. A one-piece romper or cotton robe that contains a sash or belt will provide access to the body parts that are being addressed but will help you maintain your comfort and modesty.

Buy a face mask and record some soft, relaxing music. When you arrive for your massage, ask your technician if it would be alright to use the relaxation aids during the session. While you have the mask on, it may be easier for you to focus on the pressure that is being applied to your body and the music will divert your attention from any problems that have been weighing on your mind.

Contact a company that can provide deep tissue massage therapy in order to learn more.